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Process development services

Study  and construction of turnkey plants

  • Electroplating
  • Blackening steel
  • Aluminum treatment
  • Titanium treatment
  • Cleaning
  • Chemical etching
  • Cataphoresis
  • Electroforming : gold, nickel
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Wast Water purification
  • Water demineralization
  • Water disinfection
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Oiling
  • Water Desalting
  • Drinkable water
  • Flexible photovoltaic solar panels
  • Amorphous crystallization
  • Photovoltaic site constructs...


  • Galvanoplastie
    Electroplating Plant
  • Galvanoplastie
    Electroplating Plant
  • Galvanoplastie
    Automatic plating plant with transfer robot


  • Cataphoresis Plant
    Cataphoresis Plant


  • Electroforming Plant
    Electroforming Plant

Wast Water purification

  • Physicochimical Plant
    Physicochimical Plant
  • Iion exchange resins
    Iion exchange resins
  • Schematic diagram of the water treatment plant by physicochemical treatments
    Schematic diagram of the water treatment plant by physicochemical treatments

Water purification

Unique revolutionary process in the world


3.14 Technology® produced naturally 'in-situ' oxygen and extremely active nascent ozone, capable of destroying pathogenic bacteria living in the water. The silver metal of high purity is grafted in atomic form, controlled nanometer thickness on the inner surface of pores of 10 to 100 angstroms, covering the microstructure of a high surface area porous support which reaches 2,000 m2 in gram, according to specific microelectronics methods. The purity of the grafted metallic silver is unmatched to date for an application of this type. This purity gives it exceptional stability against oxidation and generates a substrate with high bactericidal properties without the risk of altering the treated fluid.


Bactericidal adjunctive therapy for providing from drinking water network, the removal of chlorine and heavy metals in the trace range, ensuring adequate sampling point to the remanence of drinking water. It is up to the user to control the bacteriological and physico-chemical quality of water from the system by an accredited and certified laboratory, the frequency depends on the quality of the raw water.

  • Kit 3.14T
    Kit 3.14T
    Particulate filter 5 µ
    Bactericidal charcoal catalyst
  • Kit 3.14T UV
    Kit 3.14T UV
    Particulate filter 5 µ
    Ultra violet
    Bactericidal charcoal catalyst
  • Hoppalox
    Disinfection of cutting fluids.

  • Adoucisseur monobloc
  • Adoucisseur
  • Adoucisseur bi bloc
  • Adoucisseur duplex

  • Osmoseur domestique
  • Osmoseur industriel

Air purification

  • Humidifier with bactericidal catalyst air disinfection
    Humidifier with bactericidal catalyst air disinfection
  • Bactericidal catalyst cartridge
    Bactericidal catalyst cartridge


  • Micropaloil
  • Micropaloil

Paniers et tonneaux Sterling

  • Micropaloil
  • Micropaloil
    Tonneau Sterling
  • Micropaloil
    Tonneau Sterling
  • Micropaloil
    Tonneau Sterling

Pompes, pompes filtres et cartouches filtrantes

  • Micropaloil
  • Micropaloil
    Pompe filtre
  • Micropaloil
    Pompe filtre
  • Micropaloil
    Cartouches filtrantes

Charbon actif et résines

Remplacement du charbon actif et résines dans toutes colonnes de traitements saturées.

  • Micropaloil
    Charbon actif et résines