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  • Chemical degreasing, ultrasonic and electrolytic for all metals.
  • Chemical activations for all metals.
  • Etching and stripping additives for all metals.
  • Chemical brightening for copper alloys.
  • Electrolytic polishing stainless steels.
  • Brighteners, salts and additives for electroplating baths: acid pre gold, gold plating, color gold plating, silver, palladium, palladium-nickel, nickel, sulfamate nickel, copper acid and cyanide, chromium, zinc acid and cyanide, brass, bronze yellow and white, tin-nickel, rhodium.
  • Transparent or colored lacquers for electrodeposition.
  • Stripper Paint and varnish.
  • Passivation for zinc, silver.
  • Chemical coloring for copper alloys and silver.
  • Baths for chemical deposits: nickel - copper - gold - silver.
  • Chemical and electrolytic demetallizations.
  • Chemical etching baths.
  • Blackening (browning) hot to iron and steel.
  • Phosphating.
  • Additives to the anodic oxidation, aluminium coloration and sealing.
  • Titanium bath oxidation and anodic coloration.
  • Fungicides and anti-algae for water treatment plants.
  • Flocculants for water treatment plants.
  • Additives for polishing and brightening in Barrels and vibrators
  • Activated carbon for water treatment and plating baths.


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